Web Design Portfolio


Greencorner needed a website redesign in addition to custom shopping cart functionality. In addition to these features, I needed to keep the current site structure in tact due to search engine optimization considerations. I was provided with a few sites for direction and after a couple revisions, came up with the current design. It's clean, professional, and easy for a user to navigate. The product pages have touches of functionality which effectively give the consumer a good feel for each product, but are not overstated. These features include tabbed content boxes and a photo gallery, both of which employ javascript effects. Also, there is a form on each product page that allows the user to easily request additional information. While fleshing out the page layouts, we also began planning out the shopping cart functionality and what form fields would be needed for each product. We determined that quantity and colors would need to be fields for most, if not all products. Taking these fields into account, I built a custom MySQL/php shopping cart that allows for multiple products to be selected, totals the prices with tax, and finally takes the user's contact and billing information. Once an order is submitted, an email notification is sent to the designated company email address.


Royal Maid Service

Royal Maid Service was in need of a website redesign and a boost in search engine rankings. We focused initially on designing a new site that was more modern, clean, and professional. Once we settled on a design they liked, I focused on adding the content and images they gave me on the site. We came up with the strategy of creating a static page for each location they offered their services in. The thinking behind this was that people search for maid services in their cities and we wanted to rank for as many of those locations specific keywords as possible. This strategy was effective and traffic increased by an average of 15 visitors a day within 3 months. Finally, we created a zip code search functionality using php that allowed users to quickly find the contact information of the maid service closest to them.


Van Marlek

Van Marlek came to me looking to create a custom user login area in which their clients could view tax information related to properties they own. We incorporated search functionality that allowed the clients to find properties in a particular state or by using a unique property number. Once the user finds the property they are looking for they can view the sorted tax information for that property, as well as notes pertaining to that property, tax information for the state, and view images of that property. In addition to all this, the user can export the property information of each state in a .csv spreadsheet format. The company also has a password protected back end administrative system where employees input and update all the information. They start by creating login account for a single or multiple users. Next, the administrator can either upload a spreadsheet with the property information for that client or they can manually input the property information. Once the properties have been added the admin can add additional notes and images in addition to updating information. After all this functionality was coded, tested, and approved we developed a home page design and applied that color scheme and header to the user and administrator areas.