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Dynamic Programming

When designing a website you should create a finished product that is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and functions as intended. Websites these days are more and more interactive and users expect this functionality. We can write the code that will help take your website to the next level and give it life.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is a simple programming language that is commonly used on most websites. You can use JavaScript to validate forms, make sure all form fields are filled in on an order form, create an eye catching image rollover, or track who is visiting your website.

php Programming

Php is a powerful open source programming language. You can use it to create digital shopping carts, search functionality, and, most importantly, to store and retrieve information with databases. When used correctly this can unlock a website's full potential.

SQL Database Programming

SQL allows you to access databases and use the information stored in them. MySQL is a program that helps manage databases on a server. Database programming is crucial to any sort of online store or other company taking and store user information.

Flash Programming

Macromedia Flash has a programming language called Action Script. Flash adds the WOW factor to a website and when used correctly can be integrated seamlessly. We have the experience and know how to use this programming language to it's fill potential.