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Website Maintenance and Updates

Once your website has been designed and is up and running many people think they won't talk to their web designer until a redesign is necessary. This is far from the truth. You should always be thinking of ways to improve your website and make it more useful to those viewing it. You should be in contact with your webmaster on a monthly if not weekly basis. There are many reasons for adding and updating your site's content and I've listed a few of them below.

Fresh Content

It is extremely important to constantly update your site for two main reasons. The first reason is constantly changing content is the only way to get repeat visitors to your site. Why would someone who happens to find your site on a search engine or through a link keep coming back unless you are making updates and giving them new useful information. You need to figure out who your target audience is and how you feel this website could benefit them. Once you have this you can now create articles that provide insight into your area of expertise.

The next most important reason to keep updating your content on a regular basis is forĀ search engine optimization reasons. Search engines send spiders to index your site on a regular basis. When a spiders repeatedly comes to your site and keeps finding new information it will return more often. If a spider comes to your site a few different times and nothing has changed, it will stop wasting it's time and only come back once a month or so. This is because spiders tell search engines what sites are providing useful keyword rich information to their users and which ones are stagnant and boring. Spiders can't judge how cool your design is or how hilarious your flash movie came out, but it can tell how often your content is changing and what keywords are being used. This is why content is king!


We realize that many people have important news and content they want to make available to their users as soon as possible. While many companies make you wait up to a week for posting updates we have a much quicker turn around time at Fire9. We ensure a 24 hour turnaround for updates such as content addition, changes or image uploads. Many times we can get extremely important content up within the hour. We charge by the hour not by the update so you don't have to worry about consolidating your updates into one massive posting a month.


We also perform all the necessary minor tweaking of your website. When you need links changed, an update of content, or perhaps an image replaced we can do that. We also monitor to make sure your traffic is steady and people don't suddenly stop coming to your site for one reason or another. We are very proactive here at Fire9 and will approach you if we know of something that we feel could help your site. We want to make sure our clients are happy and staying one step ahead of the competition.