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Graphic Design

Today we use computers to design everything from movie posters to toy boxes. You want to be able to describe a vision in your head and have someone whip it up on the spot. We have the capabilities and the experience to make this happen for you. We are extremely proficient in the entire Adobe Creative Suite program package including Photoshop and Illustrator. We have spent time working on all manners of advertising and print materials and have learned something new with each project. There is nothing more rewarding than finding new ways to incorporate my designs that can help promote a company or just make them look that much more professional.

Thinking Graphically when designing a website

Web Design goes hand and hand with Graphic Design and a good Web Developer will be able to get the best of both worlds. When designing a website's layout you need to constantly be thinking about how this design will be used once it's cut up and spliced back together. Web sites that look cool aren't always the most functional or get the best search rankings. In fact, it's impossible for a spider to rank the coolness of a site.

Design is not always the primary focus of a website and should not be the determining factor in the decision making process. At times we might recommend limiting a design aspect in favor of functionality. You should grab the users attention once he gets to your site and make them stay with great content.

Multimedia Graphic Design

While designing graphics for web sites is my primary focus I also enjoy designing in other Media. I have the experience and capabilities to create any type of marketing material necessary. Whether you need business cards, letter head, restaurant menu's, or custom T-shirts, I'm your man. I enjoy the design process and am always looking for a challenge as an opportunity to fine tune my skills.