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Web Design and Implementation

Fire9 Web Design is dedicated to creating an online presence that helps your company take the next step in the digital world. We have the experience and expertise to make sure you have a top of the line website that functions effectively and users can navigate effortlessly. Whether you are creating a site from scratch or redesigning a current site we can help guide you through the process with care.

Orlando Web Design

Fire9 is an Orlando Web Design company and we take pride in the fact that we're committed to help businesses all over this great city improve their web presence. We will travel anywhere in the Orlando area to meet and go over your website needs.

Even though we are based out of Orlando we accept clients from all over the world. The exiting benefit of the web design industry in this day and age is the fact you can do it almost anywhere! Contact Us today and let us know your web design needs. We would be glad to give you a FREE Evaluation of your site and no obligation price quote. We are always looking for new clients and enjoy a new challenge that will let us flex our design muscles.

Web Development Process

The process begins with an initial meeting between a representative from your company and one of our designers. We talk about what features your website should include, who your target audience is, and what look you are going for. By the end of the first meeting we like to have a good idea of the scope of your project and give you an idea of how we can help make it a reality.

After the initial meeting we put together a design document that covers the entire scope of the project including a timeframe for completion, entire cost, and basic layout of the site. We present this to your for your approval and if it is up to your standards we then draw up a contract.

Once you have given us the opportunity to design your website we research your target audience and how we can connect with them. We then collect any and all content provided by the client and organize all this content in a way we can easily maneuver through it. Next, we come up with a mock-up of the design including a color scheme and layout. We present this to you for your approval and upon acceptance we move on to creating a template. Once the template is created we start generating pages and link them together. After we have the site laid out we can then start adding content to the pages.

All content is provided by the client. We do this to make sure all copy on the site comes from someone skilled in the business we are presenting to the user. Just like you wouldn't want to have to write content for a site about web design, we feel a skilled expert in their field would better be able to encompass all the main points necessary for a credible website.

Once we have all the content added to every page we are ready to move into the testing phase. At this point we begin testing all the contact forms, applications, and pages to make sure everything works perfectly. We make any necessary changes and then re-test. After we complete the testing phase we present the site to you for a last approval before we take the site live. Once the site is live we closely monitor it to make sure it's running smoothly.

Usability Testing

To make sure your website is user friendly to your target audience we like to perform usability testing before we put the site up for the general public. This process involves setting up sessions in which random participants are given a list of tasks to perform on the new site. These are composed of common tasks that users from your target audience might perform regularly on your site. This can be extremely beneficial to sites involved in E-commerce in which you have a goal for a person that might come to your site. This goal can involve purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or simply navigating to a page with important information on it.

We track the time it takes to complete each task and after all the tasks have been completed we have a question and answer session. This involves finding out what each participant liked and disliked about the site and any ideas of how we might improve the flow and overall layout of the site. We want to make sure you get the desired results you expect.